Petra Liedl, Ph. D.

Petra Liedl is an Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Thermal Lab research facilities in the School of Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin. She received her Dr-Ing. in Architecture in 2011 from the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), Germany and was awarded the Dr. Marschall-Award of the Faculty of Architecture for outstanding doctoral theses. She has been a research associate at the Department of Building Climatology and Building Physics (TUM) and received a Ph.D. grant at the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering at TUM in 2007. Since 2005, she has been a founding member and board member of the non-profit association ClimateDesign. From 2008 to 2009, she was an Associate in Neue Verantwortung, a foundation and think tank developing new socio-political ideas and practical solutions for Germany. Through 2012-13, she has been serving as a Donald D. Harrington Faculty Fellow at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. In addition to several articles and book chapters, Liedl is a co-author of “Buildings To Suit the Climate – A Handbook”, “ClimateDesign – Solutions for Buildings that Can Do More with Less Technology”, and “ClimateSkin – Building-skin Concepts that Can Do More with Less Energy”.