0: Keynote

Tuesday, October 1, 5:15 PM
Mebane Gallery, Goldsmith Hall

How did Munich and Austin become regional centers of energy innovation, what is each doing to enhance energy performance in the built environment, and what could be improved?

Energy innovation occurs at many scales—international, national, regional, and local—and each scale has certain possibilities for enacting change. There can be little doubt that macro scale treaties and federal laws as well as micro scale neighborhood ordinances have contributed significantly to the energy consumption practices of the built environment. However, it is the mezzo scale of regions that the organizers of this conference feel offers the greatest potential for energy innovation.

MerkMUN: Elisabeth Merk, Ph. D. (BIO)
City Building Councillor, Munich

AthensAUS: Lucia Athens (BIO)
Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Austin

SteinerMOD: Frederick Steiner, Ph. D. (BIO)
Dean, School of Architecture, UT Austin