6: Standards and Regulations

Wednesday, October 2, 4:45 PM
Mebane Gallery, Goldsmith Hall

How does public policy support the energy transition?

Is the carrot or the stick more effective in making buildings more energy efficient? Germans and Americans, and more specifically, Munich and Austin, based on their political dispositions, have followed alternate routes to energy policy for buildings. On the one hand, prosecution provides a strong motivation for widespread adoption. On the other, voluntary compliance with the recommendations of NGOs rewards those projects with a mark of distinction that has value in the marketplace. How successful has each approach been in catalyzing change?

HauserMUN: Gerd Hauser (BIO)
Chair, Building Physics, Technische Universitaet Muenchen

MorganAUS: Richard Morgan (BIO)
Director, Green Building, Austin Energy

MooreMOD: Steven Moore, Ph. D. (BIO)
Bartlett Cocke Regents Professor, School of Architecture, UT Austin